Almond Butterfly Gluten Free Cafe & Bakeshop

(416) 792-7994

100 Harbord Street, Toronto


About Us

For us, it's simple: gluten-free should taste GREAT!

Our mission at Almond Butterfly is to create delicious food which tastes sooooo good that you, and your friends & family won't even notice that it's "gluten-free". In fact... they'll think it's far better!

Located in the heart of the Annex in Toronto, we're proud to offer a full menu of baked goods, as well as all-day toasted breakfast and grilled lunch melts, for takeout, dine-in, or delivery!

Fresh Baked Goods, made from scratch on-site

Cupcakes, cakes, brownies, cookies, and other treats, that taste amazing. Baked fresh in our shop, our baked goods use only premium, all-natural ingredients that are healthier for you.

All Almond Butterfly baked goods are gluten-free and soy-free. We use tasty nut flours and nut oils in our baking, which gives our baked goods a signature Almond Butterfly taste that our customers have come to know and love.

Traditional, Vegetarian, Vegan, Paleo... love for all!

We offer a great selection of food for our friends following these specific dietary lifestyles. Can you say... Paleo Lava Cake?? Yum!

ALL-DAY Toasted Breakfast Sandwiches & Grilled Lunch Melts

Yup, we make all of our bagels fresh each morning too, and we use them for all of our toasted breakfast sandwiches, toasted bagels, and grilled lunch metls (let me hear you say "GFT!"). Available ALL DAY! Check out our Kitchen Menu for more info on that. ;)

Don't forget the COFFEE!!

Not only do we love gluten-free treats; we love high-quality espresso too! That's why we've joined up with Social Coffee and Tea Co. to offer you hand-crafted, espresso beverages upon your visit.

Did you know? A little bit of our history...

Almond Butterfly was born in 2011 out of a Crossfit gym in Montreal, Quebec, where owners Melody Saari and David John trained & met. Melody being Melody, she'd bring in gluten-free and Paleo treats for everyone there to enjoy after their high-intensity "WOD" (athletes need their recovery, afterall!)

The gym and its members became AB's very first customers. In fact, "Almond Butterfly" is actually a play-on-words, referring to a "butterfly" pull-up (a beautiful gymnastic movement, combining grace and power), and, of course, one of our favourite nuts... almonds!

So there you have it: the entire concept for Almond Butterfly originated from a place of health and fitness... a place of balance between hard work and reward... and that is something Almond Butterfly will always hold close to its heart.

No gluten. No wheat. No soy. Vegan and Paleo options.
Breakfast. Lunch. Espresso.
Amazing taste. Extra love.
... this is Almond Butterfly in a nutshell! :)